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What You Need to Know About Backpacker Tax

Backpackers are individuals who go to various places with their backpack for holidays or for work purposes. These people move from one place to another in the country they have gone to so that they can be able to experience the environment and read more about the country. When it comes to individuals who go to other countries for the purposes of working they need to have a visa that will license them to operate and work in such countries. There are various rules and regulations for working holiday holiday maker sially in Australia.

Did you know that Australia charges tax to backpackers? The tax rate depends on how much you are earning while in Australia. For example, if you're earning up to $37000 your tax rate is 15%. It is important to have this knowledge so that it may not find you by surprise. People who are working on holiday with their visas are the ones that are taxed. When you leave the country and when your visa expires you are paid back whatever amount was taxed.

The main reason for backpackers' taxation is for the purposes of allowing such countries to be great and attractive destination places when it comes to holidays and workings. The only credentials that you required to have a working holiday visa that will give you access to such countries.

These taxes are for both residential and non-residential tax rates. It is important to know that regardless of whether you are a resident or a non-resident the tax-free threshold no longer exists. It is very important to know that the tax rates for non-residents are quite higher than those of residents of such a country as Australia.

It is also essential to know that working holidaymakers are taxed from the first amount of money they get. The ordinary tax rates will apply when a person surpasses income of $37000.

It is important to know that employers who want to employ working holidaymakers that they need to ensure that these individuals are registered for the purposes of verification.


It is important for working holidaymakers to ensure that they are not double texts because this may be a decline in their income. Therefore if there is tax in one country it is important to let the whole country know that they have already been taxed. Click here to learn more about Working holiday visa tax return.

It is important that you know this information so that you may be able to know how much you will be taxed and also the requirements that you need for working holiday-makers. Discover more details:

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